Home Remedy for a Yeast Infection - The Garlic Solution

Published: 01st May 2009
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I'm sure that the idea of garlic and a yeast infection are not precisely appealing when mentioned in the same sentence or even on their own for that it comes to the best home remedy for a yeast infection ; garlic has been working wonders for years!

In regard to the sorts of yeast infections that garlic may be employed on, it pretty much goes sometimes and may be used a home cure for the skin or vagina. Having said that, some folks do find that a peeled garlic clove 'burns' a little so it would possibly not be the best choice for a babies infection or diaper rash, except for adults-it's all good.

Now, how do you use garlic to cure this disease? Well, there are two ways. If it's a skin yeast infection (common in skin folds, around the nads, in the belly button and armpits ) you can simply apply some garlic oil to the influenced skin in order to fight the yeast and soothe the irritation and the itch. You can purchase garlic oil in health stores, drug stores and even some grocery stores.

If it is a vaginal infection that you have, there are a pair things that you can do. You may also apply garlic to the outside and inside of your vagina using a cotton ball, swab or your finger or you may use a real clove of garlic. You simply peel a fresh clove, wrap it within a piece of gauze or cheese material and insert it into the vagina and leave it in for a few hours. This could be done roughly 4 times per day.

For someone that suffers from chronic infections or wants to stop future infections ; incorporating a garlic oil supplement into your diet may also be beneficial. As a matter of fact ; garlic oil has been proven to treat a few different ailments and be good for you all around! It seems that you just can't fail wrong with garlic! Though a word of advice; you may want to pick up some mints if you are going to start consuming tons of garlic!

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